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Homeroom | Adelheid Hui

Homeroom | Bathoola Fathima

Art | Batul Juma ...

Arabic | Sonia Hussein ...

Islamic Studies | Madiha Irshad ...

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Sister Adelheid has been with Al-Hamra Academy for nearly 5 years but has been teaching more than a decade in the Greater Massachusetts area in public schools including Pre-School, Kindergarten and First Grade.  Sister Adelheid incorporates music, movement, and hands-on projects in daily lessons.


Sister Bathoola is an American Montessori Society Certified Teacher.  She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.  She has been with the Academy four years.  


As a Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Sister Bathoola is daily inspired by the growth in independence, mental focus, creativity, and concentration among her Students.  Each day is a new adventure!  Seasonal activities abound.  In Fall, fun learning occurs with such themes as collecting Fall leaves; in Winter, discussions about snow, animal hibernation and migration; and in Spring, she fosters such activities as gardening outside with potted flowers.  

All faiths are welcome. Qur'an and Islamic Studies are integrated at Al-Hamra with sing-a-long, love for Allah (swt)'s Creation, and manners.

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