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Computer Science

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Alhamdulillah, we have a robust curriculum @ Al-Hamra Academy, meeting and exceeding state standards including computer coding/programming languages, graphic arts, word-processing (for writing academic papers including MLA standards), desktop navigation, internet safety/privacy and more (including basic animation skills). Within the classroom, she brings passion to innovative and future-thinking concepts with an integrative approach in developing Student graphic design skill with individual and collaborative project-based soft publishing works including print-ready and digitally animated presentations.  Grade-Level topics are explored throughout the year, covering essentials in desktop and file navigation, contemporary user software, internet safety/security/privacy and, with Middle Schoolers, Digital Citizenship.  Lively, meaningful understanding of today's emerging data culture is contextualized with historical framework to lay the foundation for skilled technical competency, user safety and fluency in an increasingly digital-dependent academic and social world.

21st Century Learning and STEAM topics are emphasized and explored in-depth throughout the year, including progressive advancement through computer block coding, introduction to Python & JAVA script, (Science/Technology-STEAM) computer model simulations and 3D AutoCad designs.  Math-dependent and Art-STEAM topics are explored in Al-Hamra's Technology Lab with creative and technical design methods.  MS Excel is also explored covering standard topics: data base design, data compilation, sorting and calculation, creating graph/pie charts, and macros.

Sister Susan has been Al-Hamra's Computer Science Teacher for nearly 3 years, having served as a Substitute Teacher with other private schools prior to joining the Academy.  She hails from Silicon Valley (San Francisco, California), bringing more than a decade of experience as a professional web designer, soft publishing content writer and graphic art director, marketing consultant, social media wiz and corporate computer administrator in the technology field. In addition to a Bachelor's Degree, she possesses Graduate Certificates in both Psychology and Women's Spirituality.  She is nearing completion of her Master's Degree (emphasis in Islamic Studies completed at Seminary), anticipated to be conferred in Spring, 2018, insha Allah. 

Sister Susan also facilitates Middle School "Student Life" Journalism Club and After-School Computer Club.

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