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A New Chapter in Elementary School!

Elementary instruction begins in Kindergarten, the stepping stone into a child’s academic journey...  Our Kindergarten through Grade 5 program facilitates creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.  

The Singapore Math curriculum, Math in Focus,  supports the goals of the Massachusetts and Common Core State Standards.  This research-based curriculum balances conceptual understanding, visual learning, and real-world problem solving.  Furthermore, Singapore Math facilitates the learning of concepts using a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression in the primary grades. 

The science curriculum supports STEM education and inquiry by promoting questioning and investigation to generate useful and applicable knowledge as outlined in the Massachusetts State Standards.  Currently the science curriculum is undergoing revision to incorporate the 2016 Science, Technology, and Engineering standards from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  

The social studies curriculum highlights the rights and responsibilities of living in a family and connecting with others in the community, country, and around the world.  In addition, they learn to appreciate the various cultures, customs, and people form long ago and far away places.  


Furthermore, specially designed classes in religion, Arabic, Qur’an recitation/memorization, art, and physical education provide well-rounded learning experiences for the students.   

They sing songs and are exposed to stories to learn about history, acts of worship, respect, and virtue.  As students progress through the elementary grades they begin engaging in community service projects with animal shelters, homeless shelters, and food drives.  Daily Arabic classes provide students with the  basics in reading, writing, speaking, and listening using songs, stories, and activities.  The ACTFL standards for learning a second language guide the standards for each grade level.  Qur’an studies are guided by the Arabic letters, sounds, and words in Qaida Nooraniya and other contextually related stories.  In Art classes, students develop their fine motor skills and creativity in various arts and crafts projects.  They use tools such as pens, brushes, pastels, and markers to explore with colors, drawings, textures, lines, and shapes to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs.  Coaches at the YMCA facilitate physical education classes.  

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