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Grade 8 Qur'an & Islamic Studies

Brother Noman Khanani is Al-Hamra Academy's Grade 8 Qur'an and Islamic Studies Teacher. As a former Islamic school student himself, Brother Noman is passionate about helping students find meaning and purpose through faith, while also preparing them for high school. To deepen student understanding of Islam, he uses an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses creativity, technology, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. 

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Economics, Brother Noman has both a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies and also a Masters of Education in Education Policy and Leadership Studies.  He also possesses  a certificate in Arabic Studies.


Brother Noman has been a frequent Khateeb at both Al-Hamra and local masjids.  He has also served the greater community as an university on-campus Muslim Chaplain. 

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