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"I can show you the best hidden trails of Shrewsbury, MA, and the centuries old architecture of Lahore, Pakistan; just don't mind the sound of my camera clicking.  We can talk about the poetry of Akhmatova, Pound, and Faiz or, if you prefer, the prose of Toni Morrison or Faulkner.  I won't be able to sit through a long movie, though.  I can knit, if it's only a straight-forward scarf you want.  I'll join you for tea, but not coffee.  I do think the mug that you drink from is the most important part of the experience.  If we talk for long enough, I'll show you my pet worms who work in my two foot composting empire.  While I raise my sons, teach my students, and write that darned doctoral thesis, I'll pray for a kind world.  After all, we can't let the muggles get us down!"


"My vision for the Academy in the long-term is one of a pluralistic space that allows the cultivation of students’ identity through a platform of academic and social growth and integration. Now more than ever, it is important to be cognizant of the challenges that face our children and equip them with an educational experience that is relevant and contemporaneous in nature. In meeting their physical needs, offering variety in curricula to address STEAM, crafting social alliances with our larger community and providing opportunities where our students’ creative expression is allowed to blossom, we can enable true learners for the future.  Creating a school climate that resonates with the vibrancy of our youth is only possible if we provide a culture of tolerance, engagement, and creative space. While building safe spaces for exploration and collaboration for youth, I also hope to tap into our multi-talented faculty by implementing a model of distributive leadership. It remains an integral part of the vision of the Academy to build partnerships with our parent community in the creation of a well-integrated environment for our students..."

Sister Noor is currently a doctoral candidate at Northeastern University’s Doctorate of Education program in Curriculum, Teaching, Leadership, and Learning. Her doctoral work to date has culminated in a study titled Space Making and Voice Finding for the Muslim American Narrative. Sister Noor also holds an M.S. in Inclusion Education and received a gold medalist honor for her M.A. in English Literature. Her research interests in academia have included differentiated instructions, all types of learners, writing, creating an empathetic school culture, and areas specific to faith-based education. Sister Noor has also completed post-graduate courses in Quranic tafseer, hadith, seerah, Usul al-fiqh, Uloom Ul-Quran, Usool al-Hadith, tajweed, Arabic grammar, and comparative religions.
Sister Noor is a veteran teacher of fourteen years with diverse teaching experience. During the last five years at Al-Hamra, Sister Noor has been the Fifth Grade homeroom and Eighth Grade religion teacher. Her classroom has been known to be a dynamic hub of project-based and student-centered learning. Prior to joining Al-Hamra, she taught at an Islamic school in New Jersey, international students in Malaysia, and undergraduate students in Pakistan.
Over the course of her career and also while at Al-Hamra, Sister Noor has introduced and led several initiatives which include, but not limited to, active community service, civic participation, revamping the Eighth Grade religion curriculum with an eye to preparing students for High School, and creating social and educational networks within the community.  At Al-Hamra, she has been a coach for Robotics as well as the Speech and Debate Club. Sister Noor has served as a National Champion and Judge in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) held internationally.  Outside of academia, she is a freelance writer for Muslim magazines and enjoys photography, yoga, reading, and hiking.