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"We believe that the creation of a fertile ground for learning starts during a child’s early years. We aim to stimulate young minds and inspire them to create and cultivate curiosity toward these disciplines."

Our early Elementary grade teachers are supported by STEM Beginning's expertise in fostering lively, engaging hands-on learning for young Students.  STEM Beginning consultants routinely visit Al-Hamra to engage our Staff in meaningful professional development.

"The STEM Education Center, WPI’s PreK-12 educator hub on campus, builds upon WPI’s dedication to supporting PreK-12 learning by engaging with members of the education community around STEM, including future and current teachers, administrators, and educators of all kinds."

Our Staff engages in regular professional development at WPI to enhance their skills in 21st Century Learning, inquiry and engineering design process.

"Technocopia is... geared towards creating technologies that will benefit the whole world..."

Al-Hamra Academy has been consulting with Technocopia bringing creative and innovative thought process to our STEAM curriculum!  In fact, Technocopia experts have been visiting the Academy regularly, helping us to lead the way in STEAM implementation.

At their Worcester location, they offer an amazing array of workshops and hands-on learning materials.  Check them out!

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