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Brother Phil Najemy is new to our Al-Hamra Faculty and is very excited to contribute to the community.  As Homeroom Teacher for 4th Grade, he will be teaching English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  In addition, he will be supervising an informal after-school touch-football program during the fall and early winter for any student who is interested. 


Brother Phil’s background is in English literature, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and two Masters Degrees: English Literature and Creative Writing.  Additionally, he holds a PhD in Creative Writing.  Brother Phil is passionate about reading and writing as the fundamental skills for every class and also for life.  He is also looking forward to spending plenty of time with students “hacking through math problems,” observing the natural world, and learning to read maps. 


Brother Phil's 4th Grade Classroom features a recreational reading nook and chess corner which the Students love to experience and explore during quiet time. 


He looks forward to fun and productive year.  Please feel free to write, call, or see Brother Phil at school if you have any questions about your child’s progress or needs.

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