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Sister Sonia has been with the Academy more than a decade.  As a native Arabic speaker, she brings her fluency to the classroom, teaching both Elementary and Middle School Students.  


For Arabic, Middle School Students dialogue in the classroom is mostly conducted in Arabic, engaging students with spoken, written and online research and soft publishing (using Technology Lab) exercises.  Elementary Students are engaged with dialogue, songs, al-Qaeda Nuraniyah and reading stories.

With Middle School Islamic Studies, Sister Sonia examines Seerah of the Prophet (sws), connecting stories from the past with modern issues and relevancy.  

In addition to possessing a Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Studies, Sister Sonia is a Certified Nuraniyah Instructor and will also receive Certification as an Islamic School Teacher in Spring, 2017, insha Allah.  


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Al-Hamra Academy is the first full-time accredited Islamic school in New England. Our goal is to raise children with a strong intellectual and moral background. We strive to provide an environment that encourages the cognitive, spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical growth of every student. We have a well-defined, effective and evolving curriculum that follows the Massachusetts State Frameworks. We foster spiritual and moral growth in a progressive Islamic environment – an environment that instills in our students the universal values of love, compassion, peace, tolerance, equality, and justice. Our philosophy reflects our commitment to educate our students to become responsible and productive members of society through education and social partnership. Our pursuit of Excellence in Education is built on four core values, i.e., Quality, Integrity, Moderation and Teamwork.

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