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Al-Hamra Students enjoy a robust athletics program both On-Campus and off (at our partnered facility).  On-Campus, Kyoshi (Professor) Alan 8th degree black belt, leads our newly implemented martial arts program.  Kyoshi Alan brings an extensive professional background of knowledge and expertise in teaching both adults and children self defense, karate, samurai sword, and aerobic kickboxing in the creation of the Al-Hamra specialized martial arts curriculum.

Off-Campus Sports (during school hours) are integrated into Al-Hamra's Physical Education program in partnership with our local YMCA.


Physical exercise, healthy outdoor activities and team sports are also a vibrant part of Student Life through outdoor recess/lunch.  

YMCA - Boroughs Family Branch

Kyoshi (Professor) Alan D'Allessandro

8th degree black belt

At the YMCA state of the art facility, Al-Hamra students enjoy:

  • Dodge Ball

  • Rock Climbing

  • Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Flag Football

Many families in our community have private memberships at the YMCA - Boroughs Family Branch enjoying exercise and other activities such as swimming.

After-School Soccer Club

Whether on our ample grassy field during the school day or taking part in After-School Club, Soccer is also a favorite among our Al-Hamra Students!

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