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About Al-Hamra Academy

Welcome to Al-Hamra Academy, New England's first full-time accredited Islamic day school.  By the grace of Allah swt, Al-Hamra has been successfully pioneering a rigorous Elementary and Middle School curriculum integrating both national and state standards and Islamic values, leading the way for over two decades. Throughout the region, Al-Hamra has set the standard for academic achievement as well as social participation in the community through active outreach, charitable initiatives, and youth-driven programs.


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Meet Our Staff

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Our Core Values

Al-Hamra Academy empowers our Students by nurturing their cognitive, moral, and spiritual potential, promoting academic excellence while applying the rich Islamic tradition of intellectual and spiritual learning.


Our curriculum and pedagogy take a meaningful, value based and adaptive approach to teaching and learning. Our Islamic Studies pedagogy reaches further in respectfully reflecting diverse opinion within the community, following Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Our Students are proud to be American Muslims with a rich heritage of ancestry and language from all parts of the globe. All are welcome here.

Al-Hamra Academy is unique because...

  • Our small class sizes allow for individual attention and nurturing.

  • We have a tight-knit community of devoted students, parents, teachers, and neighborhood supporters.

  • We're committed to providing for students in need, with 20% of students receiving scholarships.

We’re different from other schools because...

  • We’re more than a school—we’re a community dedicated to helping each other.

  • Our diverse backgrounds, heritages, and cultures enrich our understanding and experiences.

  • Our quality educators nurture students from early education to middle school, and beyond graduation.

We seek to influence our students to become hard-working, loving contributors to society. We prepare students for successful transition into public school with a balance of academic rigor, critical thinking skills, and a strong value system. 


Since 1994, Al-Hamra Academy has existed to serve the youth of our community and to help parents in strengthening Islamic faith in our children and families in our community.  

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Al-Hamra Academy is the governing body of the school. The volunteer Board of Trustees consists of members as set forth in the Academy by-laws. The Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  • Setting school policy

  • Monitoring the Academy’s Operations

  • Serving as a public figure for the Academy


Parents may contact the Board of Trustees in writing through the school office.


Board Members

Chairman, Board of Trustees: Haroon Hashmi

Director, Strategic Planning: Azhar Sayeed

Financial Officer: Ziad Sandakli

Principal: Noor Ali

Member: Zouhair Ben-Neticha

Member: David Bumpus


May Allah (swt) bless and protect our Brothers and Sisters who serve our community in helping to foster our next generation of leaders with their good intentions and hard work supporting the Academy.  Jazakum Allahu Khairen!

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