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Amanda Mae

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms.Amanda is a Kindergarten teacher. She has been in the field of Early Education for over twenty years now, but finally found her home here at Al-Hamra in 2021 and absolutely loves it. Amanda has been enriching her education over the years while still working full time as a single mother. She is Director certified and holds certifications in Special Education and Social Emotional Learning.Amanda genuinely enjoys nurturing and caring for each child in her care. Her philosophy is that each child is unique, therefore they learn and thrive at their own pace. Amansa is dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child and makes it her goal to make sure each child receives the best care and love that they all deserve while learning. 

She comes from a big family where three of four children went into the field of education and she feels it’s because growing up they had some of the best teachers out there and they truly inspired them to create wonderful opportunities for the students they have as well. She believes we are constantly learning ourselves and these tiny humans teach us more than we could ever have expected. Amanda is a single mother to an amazing 14 year old daughter named Marguerite Mae. She shares her love for creating, is quite an artist, and is the Lead Percussionist in her school band.  She comes to help Ms.Amanda often in the Afterschool Program and Vacation/Summer Camps. :)

Amanda Mae
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