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Alhamdulillah, Al-Hamra Academy has forged strong bonds within the Greater Worcester community and extended relationships throughout New England.


Locally, we have ties with neighboring mosques, sport/club facilities, in-town resources (Shrewsbury Public Library and other civic offices).   Our Staff also benefits from collaborating with technology partners with regular professional develop opportunities. 

Worcester Islamic Center

Al-Hamra Academy has shared a long-standing relationship with the Worcester Islamic Center (WIC).

STEM Beginnings

Our early Elementary grade teachers are supported by STEM Beginning's expertise in fostering lively, engaging hands-on learning for young Students.


Al-Hamra Academy has shared a long-standing relationship with the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester (ISGW).

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Our Staff engages in regular professional development at WPI and the STEM Education Center to enhance their skills in 21st Century Learning, inquiry and engineering design process.


Al-Hamra Academy is a proud member of Islamic Schools League of America (ISLA), whose mission is to work in partnership with educators and organizations to foster the development and growth of quality education in an Islamic environment.


Al-Hamra Academy has been consulting with Technocopia bringing creative and innovative thought process to our STEAM curriculum.


Al-Hamra Academy is a proud member of New England Council of Islamic Schools (NECIS), whose philosophy is to prepare and equip the next Muslim generation with the adequate level of knowledge about the Islamic teachings and morals.


Sports are integrated into Al-Hamra's Physical Education program offered in partnership with our local YMCA - Boroughs Family Branch

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