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Parent Teacher Organization at Al-Hamra Academy

Be Involved in PTO!

Al-Hamra Academy has a strong Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that provides a forum to share information between the Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, Teachers and children of the Academy. The goal of our PTO is to provide opportunities for Parents and Teachers to work together to enrich family life and build a stronger community spirit.

Al-Hamra PTO has an Executive Committee, comprised of a core group of Parents and Teachers that produce and manage activities and events for the school, our families and for the community.  Anyone from the Parent or Teacher community with a strong sense of dedication to the school is invited to volunteer.

Our PTO organizes many events throughout the year including traditional bake sales, special potluck evenings for moms, Teacher Appreciation Week and our annual Spring Bazaar, a much anticipated event throughout the Muslim community.


PTO also hosts numerous dinners and workshops where speakers from all walks of life are invited to share their views and experiences, for the sole purpose of enhancing our everyday lives.

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