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Al-Hamra Academy is situated on a beautiful 8-acre property in the distinctive and historical town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Shrewsbury is nestled within a neighborhood of similar towns easily accessed along Routes 9 and 20, with a quaint suburban lifestyle, neighborhood parks, playgrounds, and New England family values. Newcomers to New England will find our town area rich with ethnically and religiously diverse community members.   

Massachusetts is known for its top-tier school systems. Competition between various school systems to prepare students for reputable universities and colleges maintains a high standard of education in Shrewsbury and surrounding towns (Westborough, Northborough, and Southborough). Alhamdulillah, our graduates continue to thrive in other public, private, or charter school environments. 

During the school day, our Students participate in daily prayers in the Musalla and du'aas to guide daily routines. Our school's natural setting supports cross-curricular STEM/STEAM exploration with hands-on investigation of the environment. Our Students also enjoy the grounds daily with outdoor sports and healthy playtime during two recesses and one lunch period per day.  Field games on our rich grassy fields include soccer and other ball sports, and children's outdoor swings & adventure play-set for younger children. 

We are proud to be a reputable educational institution in the Shrewsbury and Greater Worcester Area.  Our partnerships with community mosques, Shrewsbury Public Library, Police Department, Fire Department, shelters, food banks, and local businesses strengthen our school’s involvement in the community.  Al-Hamra Academy is a cornerstone in the Shrewsbury and Greater Worcester Area Muslim community and home to the well attended annual Spring Bazaar and Fall Fundraiser with notable, visiting speakers.  Our partnerships with community mosques ISGW (Islamic Society of Greater Worcester) and WIC (Worcester Islamic Center), strengthen our school's involvement with local events and provide a reciprocal relationship for encouraging youth and family engagement in the Deen.  Our Students are empowered to interact with the community thereby developing their interpersonal and leadership skills. 

Our Musalla is open  to families and community members during Ramadan for night prayers.  


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435 South Street

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Al-Hamra Academy is the first full-time accredited Islamic school in New England. Our goal is to raise children with a strong intellectual and moral background. We strive to provide an environment that encourages the cognitive, spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical growth of every student. We have a well-defined, effective and evolving curriculum that follows the Massachusetts State Frameworks. We foster spiritual and moral growth in a progressive Islamic environment – an environment that instills in our students the universal values of love, compassion, peace, tolerance, equality, and justice. Our philosophy reflects our commitment to educate our students to become responsible and productive members of society through education and social partnership. Our pursuit of Excellence in Education is built on four core values, i.e., Quality, Integrity, Moderation and Teamwork.

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