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Mid-Year Religion Update

As Salaam Alaikum,

  • Students of KG have reached the set goals, memorized basic Duas, can relate and retell short stories of the Prophets. Basic etiquette and Islamic mannerisms implementing the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and Pillars of Islam and Attributes of Allah swt. They will be learning about the Seerah of our Prophet (sws) in coming terms along with more Duas and play enactments of moral short stories.

  • Students of Grade 1 have reached their academic goals, through the mid-year they have memorized basic Duas, learned the process of doing wudoo, they have learned the Pillars of Islam and Imaan. They know short stories of prophets and attributes of Allah.They are currently learning the dhikr made in salah and Insha Allah will be learning the entire Salah along the other academic goals.

  • Students of Grade 2 have reached their goals, their have learned about the Attributes of Allah, Stories of the Prophet (pbuh) and memorized basic Duas. They have worked on improvising the spellings and writing answers and worked on activities and project relating to their syllabus. They will be learning the Seerah of Prophet and do more activities and Duas in next term.

  • Students of Grade 3 have reached their goals. They have accomplished their basic duas the pillars of Islam the Pillars of Imaan,Attributes of Allah and Stories of Prophets. They have shown their achievements through writing passages and paragraphs learning spellings and Seerah of Prophet and working on projects and doing activities reflecting the moral aspects of the Seerah, relating and comparing the examples of Sahabis which also helps students build their character education from Islamic Perspective.

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